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Reservation Acceptance Policy

  • 1.1 Colorado Xplorer requires a deposit of 50% at the time of booking for reservations made 31 days or more prior to the scheduled tour departure date. Reservations made less than 31 days prior to departure require full payment at the time of booking. Confirmation of reservation and deposit are by e-mail only. Please authorize as non-spam to ensure your confirmation e-mail arrives to your inbox. No Adventure Passes will be issued until full payment has been received and confirmed by e-mail.
  • 1.2 On receipt of payment as detailed above, subject to availability and at our discretion, Colorado Xplorer will reserve the client a place on a trip. A contract is only made between the client and Colorado Xplorer upon the confirmation of your booking and our communication thereof to either you or your travel agent.
  • 1.3 It is a condition of your booking being accepted that each client signs our waiver of liability, a copy of which will be forwarded to you with your confirmation and which must be signed and presented to your Colorado Xplorer Representative at the beginning of your tour.  Failure to sign a waiver will result in the client’s booking being treated as having been cancelled by you and we reserve the right to impose the cancellation fees described in this agreement.
  • 1.4 It is the full responsibility of the client to check the accuracy of the dates booked upon receipt of their travel documents



  • 2.1 The price of your adventure pass does not cover your travel insurance.
  • 2.2 Colorado Xplorer strongly recommends that the client purchases comprehensive travel insurance to cover cancellations, medical expenses, personal accidents, personal property, loss of money, and public liability before you travel. The client should ensure that any activities undertaken by the client during the Tour are covered by their insurance, in this regard, please note that certain activities may require specific insurance and it is a matter for the client to ascertain the position with their insurer before partaking in any activity.  Colorado Xplorer reserves the right to refuse admission to a passenger unless the client has arranged appropriate insurance. Colorado Xplorer accepts no responsibility for loss or personal damage to personal belongings or liability for personal injury/death.



  • 3.1 Cancellation of a client’s booking must be notified in writing by e-mail to Colorado Xplorer. Cancellation charges are calculated on the day when written notification is received by Colorado Xplorer. The Table below shows the number of days before departure dates that Colorado Xplorer receives written confirmation of cancellation, and the percentage of tour fare, including any surcharges that will be imposed on the client as a corresponding cancellation charge.  Please note that in addition to the tour fare cancellation charges set out below, the client may also incur cancellation fees in respect of any third party suppliers booked by the client in association with a Colorado Xplorer Tour.

Days                                 % Charged

Over 60                            10%

60-45                               25%

44-31                               50%

30-15                               75%

Under 14                          100%


  • 3.2 Once the tour has started, no refunds will be made under any circumstances
  • 3.3 If the reason for the client’s cancellation is covered by the client’s insurance policy, the client may be able to make a claim under that policy; this is entirely a matter between the client and their insurer.
  • 3.4 If the client wishes to change to an alternative departure date, this must be done in writing with a minimum of 30 day notice and a change fee will apply.  Any charges or non-refundable deposits which have been paid to third party suppliers are payable by the client in these circumstances.


Changes by Colorado Xplorer

  • 4.1 Colorado Xplorer reserves the right to change the price of any of our tours. Any change in price will be reflected on the website. Colorado Xplorer will make every attempt to remove all out of date promotional material and update the website. The final price will be confirmed to the client at the time of booking. Clients should always check the website for the most current pricing and tour information.
  • 4.2 Colorado Xplorer itineraries are deliberately flexible and if possible the requirements of individual groups and clients will be facilitated.  Colorado Xplorer reserves the right to vary, modify, or cancel any itinerary, either partly or wholly.  Itineraries published are sample itineraries only and may be amended without notice. If access to any area along the tour route is prohibited for reasons beyond Colorado Xplorer’s control Colorado Xplorer will make every effort to provide substitute services of an equivalent standard. In addition, Colorado Xplorer reserves the right to use alternative vehicles to those advertised.
  • 4.3 In the event of cancellation of a tour by Colorado Xplorer, Colorado Xplorer will offer a full refund of the tour price only, less any non-refundable elements already booked.  Colorado Xplorer is not responsible for reimbursement of any travel arrangements occurring prior to the departure of a client’s scheduled Colorado Xplorer Tour.  Travel insurance is highly recommended for such circumstances.


Adventure Pass

  • 5.1 The Adventure Pass can only be used by the individual whose name appears on the reservation.  However, the Adventure Pass is transferable prior to the departure of the tour by written request.  The name, address, phone number, credit card details, and emergency contact information must accompany such request in order for a transfer to be confirmed.
  • 5.2 The Adventure Pass must be produced at any time at the request of a Colorado Xplorer Representative, and the client may also be asked to produce valid photo identification.